MSTP PCB set explanation


During a Priva MSTP training course, 3 different adapters are handed out.
These adapters are needed to look for faults around the MSTP network and facilitate connecting an oscilloscope and/or RS485 converter for data analysis.
I made protective covers for these adapters so that the underside (solder side) of the adapters are protected from short circuits and is immediately nice looking.

In the dropdown box, you can see an example for each adapter as it looks when the protective cover is attached.
Once you have printed the protective cover, the adapter can be inserted without glue or other fixation. This may require some force, as the adapter must be pressed very firmly into the protective cover.

Below can be seen from left to right:
1. S10 serial adapter without protective cover
2. C4 serial adapter without protective cover
3. Comforte CX1 or CX2 serial adapter without protective cover