Weather Data (Trail)


Weather Forecast is an application that get all current weather information and weather forecast based on your location (Latitude – Longitude).

With this software tool it is possible to:

When all weather information is collected from internet you are able to push all this weather information to a Compri HX6E, HX8E or a Priva Blue ID controller S-Line and C-Line via a XML driver and XML data points.
This Weather Forecast application is free of license for one data value (outside temperature) and duration of 12 hours (Trail version).

When you want all values pushed to your controller you need to register your Weather Forecast application.

Lifetime license price: €50,- (all inclusive).

Pay with PayPal or Creditcard via PayPal.

Release notes

RDN 31-12-2021:
1. Update of framework version.
2. User interface change of registration process.

RDN 24-03-2021:
1. Add current weather code data to the controller.
2. Add checkbox for converting weather codes for dynamic symbols Priva.
3. Small user interface changes.

RDN 15-03-2021:
1. UV index value was no longer available, in this version is this issue solved.
2. It is possible to push the UV index data to the controller.
3. It is now possible to push the weather code data to the controller (on special request).
4. Various interface changes.